My love affair with essential oils

I am a southern skeptic turned believer. My story started with my beautiful daughter in law Jenny.
I had tried oils and not cheap ones in the past but was not impressed. I spent over 200 dollars and got my oils in the mail and that was it. No support and no clue. Well Jenny was using Young living oils to help with some health issues. She used them for immune and joint support and said they really made a difference. If there was one thing I knew about her it was she would not spend money on something that did not get her some results.
So I bought a premium starter kit from her and my love affair with essential oils began. From the wonderful aromas in my diffuser to the physical improvements I have discovered.
With Young living I was immediately put in contact with people who could help me. Not just the business side but the education was phenomenal. When you join my team I will make sure you have the same resources so that you get off to a great start. It doesn’t matter if you are a distributor or a customer only interested in a few oils. I am committed to making sure you have what you need.
Now I want to introduce everyone to Young living so they can experience a natural way to improve their life. So join me and come to the oily side.

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