Have you thought about meal prepping but just think it is going to take too much time and planning? I am here to tell you it is just the opposite and it is really simple to do.

I start by looking at what I have in my pantry and think about what I want to fix and also what will freeze well.  This is the way I do it and it has taken the guess work out of my day and has saved me so much time.

I meal prep for lunch but this can work for any meal.  I use Pinterest for most of my recipes and I do have a few of my own that I plan on sharing over the next few weeks.  I look for recipes that will taste good but are also cost effective and easy.

One thing I found was that I would get my main dish fixed only to find that I had not thought about what side I was going to put with it.  I really had to go back and rethink how I was doing things.  Now when I pick out my main dish, I immediately plan on what side I will pair it with.

There are so many products out there now that make meal prep easy.  One of my go to sides is the steam able vegetables.  I have found some really great ones and I have included them in the video.  So, check it out.

Don’t let meal prep intimidate you.  Decide what you want, buy your ingredients and fix the recipes your family will enjoy. Next get out your containers and divide up your meal.  You will have great variety with controlled portions and what is the best thing about your meal prep?  No stress and not having to worry about what you will have for your meals.  

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