Real Good Food Review

What gets in the way of your diet success??  Is it stress, unplanned events or maybe it’s just plan old hunger?  Whatever it is you need a go to product that is easy and taste good.

I have been on the struggle bus when it comes to finding a go to food for my freeze.  Either they were Keto friendly but not WW friendly or vice versa.  Ya’ll the struggle was real until I found these little jewels in the freezer section. Not only are they good but they fit just about in diet you are following.

Drum roll please…. Realgood foods has several products that you need to put in your freezer for those days when you need something quick and tasty.  These products are low carb and low in points.  Not only that, they have only a few ingredients.  I don’t know about you, but I am tired of products that have tons of ingredients that I cannot pronounce, and I sure don’t know what they are.

I am so glad I found this product and I am excited to recommend it and let you know that it is not to shabby. Go grab some or better yet order them from Amazon and have them arrive at your door.

Real Good Foods – Low Carb – 7″ Chicken Crust Pizzas – 2X Serving, Three Cheese, 8.5 oz. (4 Count)

Real Good Foods, Low Carb – High Protein – Gluten Free – Enchiladas, Cheese with Salsa Roja (6 Count)

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