WW Banana Pudding

When I think summer time lots of foods come to mind…watermelon, barbeque, peas, corn, homemade ice cream and yes good ol banana pudding.  Banana pudding is a southern tradition that is delicious and easy to make.  Unfortunately, it can cost you lots of WW points and nobody wants that when they could have a yummy alternative. Well guess what I have that alternative for you, and it is only going to cost you 3 WW smart points. Win!!!!  Check this recipe out and let me know how your family and friends enjoy it.  Don’t tell them it’s a WW recipe because trust me they will never know.  



2 small boxes cook & serve sugar free vanilla pudding.

4 cups Fair-life milk

3 cups fat free whipped toppings divided ( 2 cups and 1 cup)

30 Vanilla wafers

5-10 Bananas


Cook pudding according to directions.  Cool and let it set.

Stir in two cups of cool whip.

I make three layers starting with the bananas.  Add the wafers and then add pudding repeat and end with pudding.  

Top with remaining cool whip.

You can serve in a Pyrex dish or in parfait cups.

Serving size is about one cup and it is only 3 smartpoint. 🙌

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